• The Ear

    Audiologists are the primary specialist in the hearing system. However, SLP's can be the primary referral source for individuals with hearing loss. This can be identified by a hearing screening process in which the human auditory system is measured for auditory comprehension of spoken language. In addition, SLP's may provide aural rehabilitation to maintain cleaning, power source and education for individual with hearing devices.
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  • The Lungs

    Pulmonologist and Respiratory therapist are the primary interventionists in breathing. SLP's may work indirectly with the breathing system to increase speech intensity (volume) and swallowing coordination. The briefly identifies how respiratory is correlated with swallowing and the resonance.
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  • The Brain

    SLP's work in interdisciplinary teams (individuals other than SLP's) dealing with the brain. The anatomical structures provides a description of the areas they work with such as; cognitive function, memory, temporal concepts, expressive language skills, receptive language skills, etc.
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  • The Throat

    The deglutition system (swallowing) also incorporates mastication (chewing). In this process SLP's are able to identify issues in the swallowing process from cognitive process to the upper esophageal sphincter. The labels identify many of the structures used in the swallowing process. In addition, the Articulation and Resonance System provides a background on speech perception.
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